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2002 June - P1S
Bob and Dixie Jones, Ken & Joan Kohler at the City Café in bustling downtown Castle Rock, CO. Goofy glasses were loaned to us from a nearby birthday party.
c.1937, see ‘lil Lynn O’Brien ‘49 and Woody Woodburn ‘49 cooling off in the mud. I don’t like that look on Woody’s face! Looks like trouble!! Is Lynn about to get a mud facial??
“Radio Control Aircraft” Expert, Buck Mason ‘39, masters a landing for the spaceship Discovery. Part of the DoD’s attempt to cut costs in the space program.
Buck Mason ’39, single-handedly launches a space ship into orbit. They think he’s got a really good idea – simple, cost –effective.
Four of the Association’s five 2002 Scholarship recipients. They are Whitney Rodgers, Charlsie Cox, Courtney Moreland, Andrew Savage and Jennifer Norris (not pictured).
San Antonio ’48 mini-Reunion - Ready to Launch for Lunch – Jack Krahn, George Cunningham and Helen Parker Green.
SAT ’48 Reunion – Four happy faces – R.O. Sisk, Sue Dammier Sisk, George Cunningham and Chef Bob (Rice)
SAT ’48 Reunion – (at Bob and Shirley Rice’s home). Pat Starks Krahn – “Aw, Come on, let me have just one teensy weensy shrimp!” Garrett Barker – “Uhh, I don’t think so!! These are all mine!”
SAT ’48 Reunion – George Cunningham – “Bev, do you happen to be fixing that plate for me?” Beverly Brown Scifres – “Noooooooo! No way, Jorge, This is for (husband) R.B.”
SAT ’48 Reunion – (Under the Rice’s Welcome Sign) are Ben Campbell, Clara Humphers Schultz ’48, Ken Kohler’s Grandfather ’08 and Billie Pond Campbell ’48

SAT ’48 Reunion – Gib “Good Guy” Mann and “East Kenya Momma” Pat Starks Krahn taking in the sun on the Riverwalk.

SAT’48 Reunion – Chief Cook Bob (Rice) ’48 and Bottle-Washer Mel (McClung) ’48 takin’ a break.
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