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2002 June  - P2S
1926 La Airosa – “Best All Around Girl” – Catherine Coble. Truly, a beauty and a good kid!
From the 1930 Annual – The caption says, “The Daniel Twins” – that’s them on the hood of that fine vehicle. Anyone remember the Daniel twins?
Looka’ here! A 1947 picture of Arlan McSwain, Keith James, Bill Hughes, Wales Madden, Pat Oles and Pat Babb. These guys drove Hughes’ Model A to Red River for an outing. Picture from a 1977 Accent West.
Here are baseball buddies, Steve Eitner ’48, Bill Bybee ’48, Kenneth Peek ’49 and Bobby Moore ’47. Bonnie Lesan Faircloth ’48 says she, Elsie Perkins ’48 and Clara Humphers ’48 kept score for their team.
Don’t fail to carefully read this ad for Snake Oil from the 1926 La Airosa and the testimony of sufferer, Lotta Corns (a spoof, of course).
Norma Maples Walker ’49 painted this picture of the Madonna in the sanctuary of their church. The photo is good, but it doesn’t do full justice to the talent she displayed.
Bruce Autry, Harry Beck and Jack Little, all of Class of ’48, enjoying a good laugh at the Paradise II Mexican Joint.
Here’s Little Brucie Autry ‘49 in about 1938 ready to perform. Isn’t he a little dandy??
Carol McCartney Simpson ’47, Chris Reynolds Barkley ’38 and Helen Bufkin Bohrer ’49 taking time to look over some 1920’s annuals after the stuffing party.
Donleta Pearson Roberts ‘48 at a “stuffin” party to put out the June 2002 Sandie Spirit. She’s a go-getter when it comes to “stuffin” envelopes!
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