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2002 November - P1S
Judge Charlie Purcell and Bert Ballengee enjoying a good talk at the last 50th AHS Alumni Board Meeting.
Gene Smith ‘48 started the daincin’ and pretty soon everyone was doing it! Grace ‘46 looks like she’s having a good time, too.
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Look at those tennis clothes!! Guess that was pretty racy in 1934. Imagine Venus Williams in an outfit like that??
Farmer Gene (Smith ‘48) with his new workhorse tractor (aka toy) on his Texas ranch (aka acreage).
Bob Rice ’48, Grace ’46 and Gene Smith havin’ fun at the Gruene Gospel Concert.
Archie Willis ‘45 and Moletta McGaughey ’45 and John ‘45 and Frances Smith ’46 enjoy a meal together in Dallas. The picture was taken on June 15, 2002 in Dallas.
How about this King Size bed – They’re watching a TV that’s mounted in the ceiling at the home of Bob and Shirley Rice in San Antonio.
Harold Dean Garrett ‘48 and Claire Windsor ’48 Snead, Junior Class Favorites in 1947. They are always favorites of their classmates!
Doyle Foreman ‘43 at home in Springer, NM. Doyle says that anytime anyone is coming through Springer, be sure and look him up.

Her Highness, Lady Mary Stack Ware ’39 – Queen of Amarillo High School. And she’s every bit a queen today!

Barbara Gray DeCoster Xie Bing Can ‘50, with husband and her GREAT grandkids, Jordan, Krista and Corrine.
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