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2002 November - P2S
James Henry ’46 tries to convince R.L. Robertson ‘36 of something but draws a skeptical look from Larry Stitt ’39.
Drucilla Kunkel ’37 Geisler and Martha Ruth Green ‘47 Moreland enjoying a break at the June Board meeting of the 50th AHS Alumni Assoc.
George Baker ’36 and Don Van Hooser ’38 share some humor at the June Board meeting.
Don ’38 and “Tiny” Ludden ’39 Van Hooser are greeted by Pauline Durrett ’39 Robertson at the June Board Meeting. The Van Hoosers came all the way from Clyde, TX.
Winnie Shockley Spears ’38 and hubby A.C. at the last Board meeting. Did anyone ever see Winnie when she wasn’t smiling? (A.C., you don’t count)
Hoyte “Junior” Palmer ‘49 on the job at the Lexus dealer in Dallas. “Anybody wanna’ buy a Lexus? Go see Junior!!”
Neal Carpenter ‘50, youngest son Brian, and wife Mary Ann at Brian's graduation and commissioning from the US Air Force Academy, 05-29-02.
Robert Boynton, R.A. “Butch” Boyter and Clyde Clark struck terror in the hearts of opposing defenses during the successful 1939 AHS football season. Dig those leather helmets! About as much protection as a Kleenex.
Chris Reynolds Barkley ’41 and “Tiny” Ludden ’39 Van Hooser talking over some fond memories at our last Board Meeting.
Pauline Durrett ’39 and Mary Tom Morgan ‘36 Rasco Crain register at the June Board Meeting. Looks like they know something we don’t???
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