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2002 September - P1S
Da' Boys - lunch on Saturday. There's Skeeter Haggerton '48, Gib Mann'48, Bruce Autry '49, Dale Collins '45, Kenneth Linn '44, Joe Frank Robberson '45 and a UFO??
Bill '46 & Shirley Neely Irwin at the '48 August Birthday Party
Class of '48 Annual Picnic - Bob Brownell makes a point to Gary and Mary Irene Garner while Sharon Cunningham and Kenneth Linn '44 discuss other matters.
Look at that line-up! There's James Christy, Tommy Harper, Mantie Autry Dieteker, Elaine Nelson Landers, Virginia Spencer and Virginia Rogers McNeely at the '48 Birthday Party at Sam Houston Park
Jack Fuqua makes his point to Carmen McGee Snook and Nancy O'Brien Stocking at the '48 Birthday Party
Our Happy Birthday cake - chocolate throughout!
Here are Helen Parker Green, Bobby Goodson, Shirley and Bob Rice, all '48ers, enjoying the view from our balcony suites in Red River, NM over Labor Day. Good Times!
Look at that HOG of a motorcycle. Got six people on it and room for more. Labor Day, Red River
Pat Virden and Dorothy enjoying the '49er picnic along with Jerry Buttel
Bob McCausland, Elmer Ritter and Winona McCausland - '49 clambake at "Red" Vessels' place.

Betty Perkins Hayes, Mickey Pollard Hester and Buck Jackson share some smiles at the '49 BBQ in September at Lloyd (Red) Vessel's barn.

Here's 50th AHS Alumni Secretary Helen Bufkin Bohrer '49 preparing for the General Meeting of the Association.
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