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2004 June 26 - P2S
2004 AHS Scholarship recipients, Kelli Butler, Brandi Kendrick, Brandon Edminster, Krystal Graves, Jennifer Faghih.
Helen Parker Green ’48 and unidentified escort ? on the square in Taos, NM. An Indian lady walked by and asked, “What’s that?” Helen said, “I got it for my husband.” Other lady said, “Hmph! Good Trade!”
Jim Green, husband of Helen and host golfer in Pendaries, NM gets a good stroke.
Harold Garrett ’48 gets ready to drive to the green.
Bob Rice ‘48, Harold Garrett ’48 and Ken Kohler ‘48 enjoying the beautiful golf course at Pendaries, NM
Bob Rice ’48 turns red when he laughs ? may be the 9,000’ altitude!!
Ralph Miller ’50 races for the finish line (he won). (Editor’s Note ? If I EVER saw a biker smiling, I might think of taking it up.)
For Sale ? One fine camera with all attachments. Slight damage. Contact the owner at Surgery Recovery, Room 2486, the Madrid General Hospital.
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