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2004 November 20 P2S
Jerry & Bea Wright Laceky – all smiles!
Moonlight Harbor from the AHS Art Collection.
50th Alumni Assoc Board – Ken Kohler ’48, Patty Greer Ragan ‘51 , Lera Hudson Boyd ’53, Gary Biggers ’64 AHS Teacher and Art Specialist, Bob Damon ’53. (Missing Bill Fomby and Bruce Autry)
Shik’is Navajo bust donated by the artist, Jack King Hill AHS ’41
Porfirio Salinas’ Texas Bluebonnets ca. 1940
Andrew W. Winter paints Christmas Eve in Monhegan. (Brrr!)
Spring Glory by Robert Wood – Displayed in the AHS Art Collection.
Sandie Spirit folding crew – Sammie Sims ’48, Carol McCartney Simpson ’47 (hidden), Joe (Frank) Robberson ’45, Bruce Autry ’49, Chris Reynolds Barkley ’41, Billy Jack Jacob ’52, LoisThompson Sims ’53.
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