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2005 Dec 22 P1S
P1S1 Chow time at the Buchanan Street / Horace Mann annual mini-reunion in July, 2005   P1S2 Looks like Alene Moore Goodman 39 wants Mildred Frank Watts 43 to share her grub. It was all really a great lunch.
P1S3 James Henry Kile 46 paused from stuffing himself to pose for a picture. L. McDowell is reaching for another roll.   P1S4 Well shades of Joe Taylor 29. Yes, thats a friend to so many of us from his days at Amarillo College. Joe is hale and hearty and was enjoying this day with friends.
P1S5 Newlyweds, Lloyd Walker 38 and Cloe Teal Dunlap Walker 42. Cmon, Lloyd, how about a smile for your picture?   P1S6 The ever-smilin Winnie Vee Shockley Spears 42 and husband, A.C. enjoyed the fellowship of the day.
P1S7 Al 48 and Drucilla Kunkel 38 Geisler were there seeing a lot of their old pals from days gone by.   P1S8 Here we found Jean Ansley McSwain 38 and Harold 36 sitting next to Home Damron 38 and Nadine Ogle Damron 40 as they enjoyed the lunch and friends.
P1S9 Thane 39 and June Ward 39 Roberts are looking and feeling just fine and dandy!   P1S10 The ever-vibrant Lila Lee Brown Casler 42 was the Program Chairman for all the entertainment. Good times for all!
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