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2005 Dec 22 P2S
P2S1 Here are Henry 48 and Edean Singleton 50 Blackburn checking the e-mail that comes and goes from their lovely mountain home in Colorado City, CO.   P2S2 Here are Edean Blackburn, Ken Kohler and Henry Blackburn after a great Mexican feast at the local hot-spot in Colorado City, CO.
P2S3 Barbara McCullough 48 Linn and husband, Ken Linn 44 relaxing on their patio at their home in Albuquerque. Beautiful place to watch the sun go down.   P2S4 Left to right, Connie and Jimmy Christy 48, Pat Stark Krahn 48 and Ken Kohler 48 surrounding the seated Carolyn Bates Wilson 48 outside of the Texas Roadhouse of Lubbock Texas. EeeHaaa!
P2S5 Boyd Reynolds 44 explains to Marvin Bones 45 about something important at the October general meeting of the Alumni Association..   P2S6 Tricia Culp Dallas 55 presents a check from the Class of 1955 for the AHS 50th Alumni Association to Ken Kohler 48 at the conclusion of the 1955 50th Reunion in September of 2005.
P2S7 Why is Jack Little 49 always surrounded by beautiful women? Must be something special about Jack as he smiles with (from right to left) Roberta McMurtry Hicks 49, Jacks wife, Margaret, Colleen Maggard Lokey 49 and Sidney Stinnett Boyce 49 in the background. Picture taken at the Class of 1949 Christmas Gathering.   P2S8 In various stages of putting on their name tags were Pat Virden 49, Mickey Pollard Hester 49 and Buck Jackson 49 at the 49er Christmas Party 2005.
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To contact the association by telephone, call the current President at 806-418-4549.