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2005 Lunch 45 P2S
P1S1 - The whole group, Class of 1945 luncheon, September 2003   P1S2 - One of the highlights of the 2003 Reunion - individual class luncheons.
P1S3 - Joe Robberson ’45, Kathleen Hoskins Adams ’45 and Marilyn Daniels talkin’ it over.   P1S4 - Two hungry Sandies await the feast!
P1S5 - A handsome pair, Mike ’45 and Marlene Morris. Truly a pair of sweet M & M’s   P2S6 - “Scottie” Scott Little ’45 - smiling just as always.
P2S7 - “Teenie” Williamson Bailey ’45 gathers information, as husband, Jimmie Bailey ’45, looks on.   P2S8 - Panorama shot of some awfully fine folks!
P2S9 - Jimmie Bailey ’45 expounds on a very important point - “Is this a great time or what-”   P2S10 - Remind us - who is this thoughtful fellow-
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