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2005 May 24 P1S
P1S1 - Good times in Albuquerque with Harold Garrett ‘48, Dorothy Broaddus ‘48 Garrett, Barbara McCullough ‘48 Linn, Ken Linn ‘44, Carol and Bob Hudgins ‘49 and someone peeking over their shoulder.   P1S2 - Harold Garrett ‘48 and Bob Hudgins ‘49 eye the dessert after a big Mexican dinner.
P1S3 - In Lubbock, on the way to San Antonio Kohlers stopped for dinner with Connie and Jim Christy ‘48, Pat Stark Krahn ‘48, Ken Kohler ’48 and Carolyn Bates ‘48 Wilson (seated)..   P1S4 - Jim Clifton ‘49 and James Garrison ‘48 at the mini-reunion 2005, Bob Rice ’48 home in San Antonio in May.
P1S5 - Joan Kohler and Shirley Rice (far right) watch culinary expert Diane prepare dinner for 40 folks at Rice’s home.   P1S6 - Carlos (Casey) Jones ‘48, Barbara Rudd and Edwina Garrison talkin’ it up in San Antonio.
P1S7 - Ray Faircloth, Bonnie Lesan ’48 Faircloth and Jeanne Eastham ‘48 Salmon are spellbound by Jim Clifton’s ‘49 tall tales.   P1S8 - James Garrison ‘48, Morrie Estess ‘48 and wife Mary Lee get a good laugh off in San Antonio.
P1S9 - Jean Lill Holman ‘48 and Buster Holman ‘49   P1S10 - Singers at Rice’s house - look at those smiles - not a cavity to be found!
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