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2006 Jul 24 P1S
P1S1 - Our Most Hospitable Host James Garrison at home in Rockport, May 2006 Great Times!!   P1S2 - And the Chief Cooks, Bob and Shirley Rice made for some really great meals!
P1S3 - Around the table, Bob Rice 48, Helen Parker Green 48, Morrie Estess 48, Mary Lee Estess, Bob Goodson 48, Jim Clifton 49, Mel McClung 48, R.O. Sisk 48 and standing is James Garrison.   P1S4 - Bob and Shirley serve up the goodies to Jeanne Eastham Salmon with Calvin S. right behind her.
P1S5 - The ever-smiling Teenie Bailey 45, another permanent transplant from Amarillo to Rockport along with husband, Jimmie 45 (not shown).
  P1S6 - Jeanne and Calvin Calvin.
P1S7 - Buster Holman 47 and Mel McClung 48 had a good time remembering boxing at AHS.   P1S8 - The hallowed Bob Goodson 48. Did God smile on Bob or what??
P1S9 - War stories from Calvin Salmon, Buster Holman 47, Morrie Estess 48 and Mel McClung 48.   P1S10 - Did someone say, LETS EAT???
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