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Message From The Alumni President


From the Alumni President,


Thanks for logging onto your 50th Alumni Association information site. If this is your first visit, be sure to browse, enjoy the information provided and leave a comment. If you are returning, be sure to visit the Photo gallery to see some pictures of your friends. We have added pictures from the annual birthday picnic for everyone who has had a birthday since last year’s picnic. We also added some pictures from the Saturday evening dinner at the closing of the 2009 reunion as well as pictures of the new Hall of Honor memorial that we were a participant funding partner.

It is an honor to serve as the President of such a prestigious organization. With every copy of the ‘Sandie Spirit’ I receive, I am able to read and learn of historical events that happened at Amarillo High School years before I was around. With every meeting of the Association I meet new members who have just joined with exciting new stories about their years at AHS. And what makes it even better is that every Sandie is full of stories about the things that happened while they walked the hallowed halls of such a remarkable institution.

During my first Alumni Association reunion this past October, I learned how valuable the interaction is between classes. It was fun to hear how all the traditions were started and how they have lasted. It was great to hear various stories about the same event. Of course the social evolutionary process has made some changes through the years, but a lot of Sandie traditions still hold true.

By October, we welcomed the classes of ’56, ’57 and ’58 into the association and by our next reunion in 2012, we will have welcomed the classes of ’59, ’60 and ’61. Many folks in those classes are just learning what benefits there are in being a part of this group of truly senior Sandies.

It will be difficult following in the footsteps of former presidents Ken Kohler and Bob Damon. They are both the living proof that dedication and hard work are still alive in this world. It is not possible to describe every minute they have given to this organization to make it what it is today. And they are continuing as part of the Executive Committee to insure this association continues to grow. And when asked if I would accept the nomination as the new president, it was only with the assurance that the entire Executive Committee of Rita Bryant, Lera Boyd, Marilyn Hill, Wesley Simpson and Tricia Dallas would remain in place along with Ken and Bob.

Looking ahead, there are challenges. The challenge to continue to inject growth and enthusiasm in the work this association does in areas that are a part of the Sandie spirit, such as the work we do in making scholarships available for AHS graduates, the maintenance and growth of the AHS Art Collection and the participation in AHS community projects like the new Hall of Honor memorial now in place at the new campus and the planned State Historical Monument to be in place in 2010 on the original campus site downtown.

Funding is always the heartbeat of any actively growing organization, and it is vital to participate in your Alumni Association. Your annual dues and contributions make the work that is done possible. Donations continue to be accepted targeted to dedicated projects such as scholarships and the AHS Art Collection. Not only does the association participate in funding projects, but we insist that the projects that become so important to the Sandie image are maintained in good condition. Your charitable donations and memory contributions make the work of the association possible. Pledges and gifts can be given to specific funding areas, or just given to support the annual expense budget.

There are Sandies who do not know about the AHS 50th Alumni Association. I challenged every individual at the 2009 reunion to reach out to a classmate and personally invite them to join and make them aware of the fellowship we have in our events and our Sandie Spirit publication. Already I have received calls and emails of invitations given and memberships received. I have invited those who are willing, to not only pay your own annual membership dues, but find a former classmate and pay their dues for a year and let them share in the continuing Sandie spirit. If you have a friend who hasn’t joined, give them a call, send a card or maybe an email and give them a reason to join.

Our most popular activity is the publication of Ken Kohler’s ‘Sandie Spirit’ which comes to your mail box 6 times a year and really is full of Sandie spirit. Ken’s hard work on putting each issue together is one of the reasons the Association continues to grow in membership. Sooner or later your name is going to pop up in some article, so it’s good to know ahead that your friends will be calling to tell you all about it.

Another idea I am working on is Sandie news email which is just another way I can share news about AHS events. This would be just association tidbits that all of us need to know about newly found Sandies who have been lost from our class rosters and some special information about association meetings and events when we have a chance to get together, or even the sad news when we lose a fellow Sandie. Make sure I have your email address when you send in your membership dues this year.

Thanks again for checking out the website and information about your AHS 50th Alumni Association and I hope to be able to greet you at the next Alumni event.

Charlie Broomhead ‘56
AHS 50th Alumni Association


President's Message History of AHS AHS 50th by Laws Early History Photo gallery

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