Once a Sandie, Always a Sandie


Next General Meeting


Next meeting to be scheduled – check back for changes

Amarillo Southwest Library Meeting Room

6801 SW 45th Ave

Amarillo, TX 79109

Please make plans to attend, the Board needs your input on ways

to make our Association better and able to serve more Sandies

Refreshments will be served.



Upcoming Events


Plan to be in Amarillo on Saturday, August 17, 2019 for the annual AHS 50th Alumni Association

Birthday Party (formerly Picnic) which will be held in the old Sandie band room, 1323 S Tyler.

(Across the street from the First Baptist Church) 

This party is to celebrate everyone who has had a birthday since our last birthday party!

(unless you were born on February 29 and then we will just celebrate you being another year older!)

We always have a good time and usually we have around 100 people attending.

We will have a catered dinner, birthday cake and the cost will be around $10.

We will start about 6:00 pm and we are usually done by about 7:30 while the sun is still shining.

Hope you can come and celebrate with us!


Blow Sand Blow